Solar Power Site Survey
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Solar Power Site Survey

Free solar power site survey

Nationwide Electrical Services offer a free no-obligation survey of your property. It allows us to check the suitability of your roof for the installation of solar panels, offer an appraisal and advice of the energy efficiency of your home and ultimately enable us to provide you with expected performance data so that you can see just what sort of returns you can expect to see from your investment in solar power.

As each house we visit can be totally different from the last, a solar power site survey must be undertaken prior to the provision of a formal quotation.

We must also visit your premises to assess potential health and safety issues for both yourself and our installation team, determining the need for any scaffolding requirements. Whilst we aim to keep any disruption around your home to a minimum, it is a requirement of our MCS accreditation that we perform these checks and carry out a thorough inspection.

Based on a solar power site survey, we are able to offer relatively detailed information relating to the performance of your system but unfortunately we are unable to guarantee it’s performance. If you would like to know more about how your system’s performance data is worked out then feel free to ask!

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