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REAL Assurance

We aim to guarantee a high quality experience for consumers

The REAL Assurance Scheme was set up by the Renewable Energy Associationwith the aim to guarantee a high quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes. The REAL Assurance Scheme logo is a sign that we have agreed to abide by the high standards set out in their Consumer Code.

As a member of the REAL Assurance Scheme, we follow the Consumer Code and help contribute to high standards of consumer service before, during and after a contract is agreed. These include:
  • Clear information on the systems planned and their performance
  • Acceptable sales and marketing techniques
  • Arrangements for installing and connecting the system
  • The selection and quality of goods supplied
  • Details of the conditions of business that apply
  • The standard of any installation and other on-site work
  • Guarantees, and any maintenance and after-sales services needed
  • What action will be taken to deal with any problems, and
  • Arrangements for monitoring and continuously improving the Code.
It is important for small-scale generation equipment to be specified, installed and maintained correctly, not only for you as an individual consumer, of course, but also for the development of the renewable energy sector at large. Bad experiences will damage the reputation and credibility of the sector.

Nationwide Electrical Services proudly joined the scheme in July 2011: our membership number is 00045956.

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